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'Who is your dad?': Casper Reinders

Casper Reinders is one of the coolest dads in town. He is a hospitality mogul in Amsterdam, the founder and creative mind behind hotspots as the famous Jimmy Woo, Lion Noir, Nacional and Chicago Social. But that’s not all, this influencer also has great taste and a great sense for interior style. He describes his family as the Adams Family and lives a rock’n roll lifestyle. He lives the fast life in Amsterdam and finds his rest and time for his family on Ibiza. In ‘Who is your dad’ Casper Reinders opens up about fatherhood, family, business and style.


Could you tell us something about yourself, your family situation and your kids?
My wife (well it is not official but I call her my wife) and I have been together for 10 years. We live in Ibiza with our son James who is almost 7. I spend half my time in the Netherlands for work, so I commute between Holland and Ibiza.

What is the first thing you did when you found out you were becoming a dad?
We were in New York, I was so thrilled and bought an old vintage Levi’s baby jeans in RRL.

Who was the first one you called when you found out you were becoming a dad?
My parents


Can you tell us something about the way you handle parenting? Are there specific values? What do you teach your children?
Haha LOL. I am a bad dad actually. I lack in the parenting department, but luckily my wife has much better parenting skills than I … 😉 I’m the good cop and fun dad… I have to admit I am more like a friend…

In terms of values; I find it very important that James is kind and polite to others, for example that he introduces himself when we meet people. And one of the most important things and rules is no bullying! I don’t like bullies!!!

Can you describe your personal style? What are your favorite brands? Name 6 of your favorite wardrobe items.
I like to wear black! Black is my color!! No bright colors (For the Dutchies “kleedt ook lekker af ;)” ). I would describe my style as: ‘Come as you are’ (Nirvana song; don’t pretend to be something that you’re not, don’t follow rules. LOL)!
My personal style is more rock and roll!!

I’m a fan of Black Denim trousers, Avalon jackets. American Apparel for my black t-shirts. And I love shoes. Especially sneakers! I Have loads of Adidas Stan Smith sneakers.



Do you have specific values that are of importance when it comes to parenting?
I do spoil him, but I expect him to be polite. Not everything, but a lot is within reach. If I discover that James is starting to take things for granted, I’d limit the possibilities. 

What is your profession?
I am an entrepreneur and Interior stylist in hospitality venues and develop concepts (owner and founder of club Jimmy Woo, restaurants Bo Cinq, Lion Noir, Nacional, Ludwig, Chicago Social, Libertine…).

Do you often juggle with work and being a father?
When I am in Spain, I am totally committed to my family. I am less distracted from work and can focus on my family.

How are the roles divided between you and your partner?
Pretty traditional, my wife does the parenting and I do the fun stuff! LOL…



What does family means to you?
I am very close with my family. My dad, brother and I are very close. I come from an entrepreneurial family; ‘entrepreneurship’ runs through our veins. But it all shows in a different kind of way. I am the creative one. We are much involved with each other and always very happy to be around one another. I work very hard in Holland and even though I am not your typical family man who cuts the meat every Sunday, when I am in Spain I love to do fun stuff with my family and just spend time together.

Is there anything in your partner’s wardrobe you really hate?
My wife has great style… I like buying her clothes … so NO!!… hahah. No, there is one item I don’t like, I don’t like jeans skirts.

How do you like to see your partner dressed?
Leather pants or jeans, with a top of Zoe Karssen. A bit Rock and roll!… you know ? We look like the Adam’s family. We only wear black and no colors..

What was your last destination? What is your favorite destination? And if you have the opportunity to pack your bags with your family to move anywhere in the world, where would that be and why?
The last trip was to New York. My favorite place is Bangkok. Well, we live in Ibiza. But I would also like to go to the east of Asia; Vietnam, Thailand (My wife doesn’t). I love the food, the people and atmosphere.

What is the latest gadget you bought? Which gadget cannot be missing (out) in a dad’s life?
Iphone 6 and the latest Playstation for my son.

What is your ultimate daddy must-have? What was the stroller you used for your baby?
A beautiful nanny… hahaha and a customized Bugaboo with brown leather and canvas.

Name any restaurant in the world which is your favorite and why?
Balthazar New York, Everything matches! The interior, the staff, the food, the branding, the coffee, the way they put the bread in the baskets. It has a great atmosphere. It has the total package.

What are your favorite holiday destinations with kids?
My favorite destination is Thailand. It has good food and nice people. They love children, so it’s a fun place to be with kids.

What do you do when you are in need of inspiration?
“Smoke some and close my eyes” 🙂 

When you go out with your friends, in which club can we find you?
I own 2 clubs, but I don’t like clubs in general. I am more a bar/ restaurant kind of guy. You can often find me in restaurant Lion Noir or Nacional.



What’s your favorite drink?
Water and black tea.

What is the best place to go to with kids?
The beach.

Are you aware of your health? Do you exercise to stay in shape?
I became more aware last few years. So I eat very healthy and play tennis.

Name the three beauty products that always sit on your bathroom shelf?
Hairgoeroe O&M (Skin Cosmetics), Aesop deodorant, and Coola sun cream.

What is your favorite city in the world and why?
Amsterdam.. It’s a compacted city where you can find just about anything. I do love big cities, but when I am back in Amsterdam I realize I am very much in love with this city, with its boutiques and canals (where I live). Especially during the spring and summer…. Amsterdam is thé place to be. Another city where I feel happiest is New York. 

Is there anything you want to do or accomplish?
I would love to start my own hotel. A small boutique hotel.



Name 3 things on your bucket list?
1. To explore Japan
2. To buy and develop a home in Ibiza
3. To get my motorcycle license (my wife will kill me)

What kind of car do you drive? What is your favorite family car and which model?
A Range Rover, but I don’t care much about cars.

Where do we see you in 10 years?
In Ibiza…. With interior design as my main focus, the hospitality industry more in the background.

Which dad would you suggest for the next Who’s your dad?
The Dad I would like to suggest for the next “Who is your dad” is Serge Rijn, my partner of Lion Noir.



Credits: Marinke Davelaar Photography

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