Samsung mixes design with first class technology for the Serif TV

A design telly that blends seamlessly in with your interior? Samsung Serif TV redefines TV design, thanks to the successful collaboration with Bourroullec Brothers and you are gonna love this one! 

The brand always has been at the forefront of the television industry but this time Samsung decided to really shake things up by dramatically rethinking everything about its TVs. In their search for the right partners they end up working with French designers Ronan and Erwan Bourroullec to create the Serif TV.

The Serif TV is defined by its I-shaped frame. Wider in the top and bottom, the unique shape gives the TV solidity, turning into furniture that is a part of the room, rather than disappearing into the walls.

This piece of design and technology can sit on a flat surface, also it can hold books or other decorative objects on top. The TV even has attachable legs, allowing it to sit comfortably and prominently within the home.

And it´s not only the frame that has been drastically redesigned but the back is very different too. A woven fabric panel covers the back of the TV, concealing the connectors and wires.

Then there is the redesign of the interface as well, Ronan and Erwan came up with an abstract but enticing setting called ´Curtain mode´. The Curtain mode takes whatever is being shown on the screen an blurs it, transforming it into shimmering abstract shapes like a digital curtain! How cool is that!

The Samsung Serif TV comes in 3 sizes; 24 inch, 32 inch and 40 inch.

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Starting price € 699

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