Meet the BMW i8 a cutting-edge and sustainable sports car for the family

When searching for the right family car you can often feel lost because it´s hard to find that one car that has everything you wish for. You want your car to be safe for your family but you still want to look smart in it as well, plus on the other note you feel like the car should be sustainable as well! BMW might just cover it all with the BMW i8 model!


We putted the car to test as well and we are super enthusiastic! What we like most is the sports car´s combination of groundbreaking plug-in hybrid drive technology and innovative lightweight construction together with avant-garde design.


The BMW i8 is the first plug-in hybrid vehicle manufactured by the BMW Group. It combines the performance of a sports car with the fuel consumption and emission figures of a subcompact vehicle. The BMW i8 can be driven up to 37 kilometres under electric power alone, accelerate in the style of a pure-bred sports car and yet its average consumption is that of  a subcompact car.


The engine is a 1.5-litre three-cylinder petrol engine, equipped with BMW TwinPower Turbo technology. The battery of the electric motor can be charged at a conventional power outlet, at a charging station or simply while driving. The system accelerates in just 4.4 seconds to 100 km/h from a standing start, this part definitely will make you feel manly!


When it comes to safety you do not have to worry with this car. The high-strength carbon passenger cell not only protects passengers, but also safeguards the high-voltage battery located between the two parts of the Drive module against external influences. The ConnectedDrive Driver Assistance systems helps you to remain aware of what´s going on around you and reacts correctly in any given situation.


This state of art power vehicle might just exactly be what you are looking for!

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