Meet Taga a very smart Bike-Stroller

This is probably the most awesome gadget we have seen for a while and it fits our Dutch lifestyle seamlessly! Meet Taga, a smart Bike-Stroller, you convert this bike into a stroller and vice versa in just a couple of seconds, 20 to be precise! How convenient! Image you cycle to the station you quickly convert your bike into a stroller and you take your little one with you in the train just like that! And hey another big bonus….your bike can´t get stolen any more! Many celeb dads like Matthew McConaughey! 

To tell you a little bit more about Taga we are not surprised to discover that Taga´s biggest influence was the Dutch bakfiets. The idea of Taga´s global team was to take the cargo bike concept one step further and adapt it for the rest of the world. Once the team had the idea they conducted research among families and retailers in several countries around the world. That´s how Taga became the people´s bike!

Developing the Taga concept was the perfect challenge for the team of world-class designers, engineers and manufacturers. Their collective expertise in stroller and bicycle desing, fashion, textiles and medical devices is clear in the details of the final product.

Check this video to see how this awesome gadget works and surf to the website: for more information, ordering and pricing!



Getting around with the little ones has never been so convenient or easy. For Mom and Dad!

Posted by GI Gadgets on Wednesday, April 6, 2016

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