Dad must have: The Smart Changing Pad will take your second guessing away

Eager to know exactly every single detail regarding your little ones health metrics like weight, feeding amount and number of diapers? We came across a super handy invention called The Smart Changing Pad. The Smart Changing Pad is an innovative and modern redesign of the traditional diaper changing pad with a built-in wireless scale that can help new parents track important health metrics. You can hook the Pad up with the Hatch Baby App for seamless tracking, even when you are not home and your little one is with the nanny.

Especially as a new dad you might feel worried all the time because you feel like you don´t exactly know yet what´s good or not and you keep on second guessing about certain things as changing the diaper, the amount of food etc.

What we love most about this Smart Changing Pad is that it will tell new parents important things about enough nutrition, growing at a healthy rate by even benchmarking it and when you are in the office you know exactly how many meals your little one already had. Not only the pad logs feedings, sleep and diaper changes but it also measures the babies weight.

And as a bonus the Pad is will definitely fit into your interior as the design is minimalistic!

For more information surf to: & starting price $ 249

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