The name is Bond, Jaimie Bond

Culinary rebel Jaimie van Heije took inspiration from the newest Bond movie for a delicious 3-course menu in his restaurant Jaimie van Heije!

Jamie van Heije who runs his restaurant in Ouderkerk aan de Amstel is known as a ‘gastronomic bad boy’. Bond’s Spectre adventure took him undercover in the world of British most famous spy.

As of the 29th of October guests can enjoy explosive savors made with seasonal products topped of with a fire hazard dessert. The 007 Menu is served in combination with matching beverages. Not shaken, but served!

With his adventurous cuisine Jaimie breaks the rules on a daily basis; he constantly develops new forms, new textures and new flavors. He had a ‘license to thrill’ with soft mousses turned into skulls and pistols. Selwyn Senatori’s famous work takes over the interior of this must-try restaurant.

The Bond Menu is available as long as the movie plays in the theater.

Jaimie van Heije, Kerkstraat 56, 1191 JE, Ouderkerk a/d Amstel

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