Meet Vørding's Gin that won a prestigious award this year!

Meet Vørding, born and raised in Amsterdam with a love for gin and a passion for perfection. After a long tradition of drinking gin, he began to search for his own perfect recipe. With base notes of orange, juniper and cinnamon, and the light smoky and rich flavor of toasted cedar wood as the ideal addition to give the gin its distinctive character. And so Vørding was chopping and toasting in his kitchen to get the perfect cedar wood chips.

The result is a silky smooth tasting gin founded in Amsterdam and proudly distilled in Schiedam. And those toasted cedar wood chips? They’re still chopped and toasted by hand in Vørding’s own kitchen.

The video campaign of this perfect Gin is completely spot on when it comes to a top-notch gentleman’s style! Check it out and you surely will order this gin asap!
Note: For the perfect gin-tonic, Vørding recommends to use a premium tonic water such as Fever Tree Indian or 1724, and to garnish it with a slice of sweet red apple and a stick of cinnamon to bring it all together. Cheerio!

For more information: www.vordingsgin.com

Vørding’s Gin campaign movie from Thomas Vørding on Vimeo.

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