Johnnie Walker Blue Label launches film trailer for ‘The Gentleman’s wager II”

Johnnie Walker Blue Label, the iconic Scottish Blended Whisky, launched the trailer for the short movie “The Gentleman’s Wager II”. The trailer, starring Oscar nominated actors Jude Law and Giancarlo Giannini, is a run up to the release of the official movie on the 31st of October. The movie is a follow up of the successful ‘The Gentleman’s Wager I’ that came out in 2014 and has been watched over 45 million times!

The new movie of Johnnie Walker Blue Label, directed by the British Jake Scott, tells the story of two men who take on a bet in order to win a very costly and rare Delahaye 135S Classic. This car is not only the trophy but also a famous heritage piece of the Walker family. In the movie we follow Law’s attempt to win the bet and it’s his gratefulness to everyone who helps him on his journey that make him succeed.

Johnnie Walker has always stood for personal development. Joy remains the driving force behind success and progress and this message has been beautifully translated in the movie.

Check the trailer and book your tickets to see the real deal soon in the cinema. **Enjoy Responsibly**

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