Lola Brood shines in Playboy photo shoot

Sexy Lola turns into a rock and roll playboy bunny for Playboy and yes this issue is a must have!

2016 is the year of Herman Brood, it would have been his 70th birthday this year and various publications such as a documentary and a book have been set in place as a homage to his life.

Lola, who is obviously Herman´s most beautiful legacy, will shine in Playboy´s next edition. Lola explains that she is super excited about the photos that come with a little bit of fun, rock and roll and a wink to her dad.

Lola Pop Brood is an artist and designer herself today, in her younger years she loved painting together with her dad.

Pay homage to Brood and make sure you get this stunner issue on your coffee table….Plus the first picture revealed looks pretty damn promising….

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