Michiel Vos opens first Peanut butter shop in Amsterdam

Are you a true Dutch peanut butter lover? Good news for you because soon a real peanut butter store will open up in Amsterdam East; called De Pindakaaswinkel!

The owner behind the bold concept is Michiel Vos, a peanut lover. He grew up on a farm where his daily menu consisted of bread with peanut butter. Probably recognizable right? But Vos finds that peanut butter sometimes get´s a little boring and that´s why he started to experiment with it and in his shop he will offer about 10 different kinds of peanut butter. Get ready for flavours such as sea salt, caramel, coconut or raisins combined with fennel!

Michiel´s shop De Pindakaaswinkel will open up soon! 

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