Discover the most delicious food at the Food Festival Amsterdam event

The long Easter weekend has started so time for some family quality time. The Amsterdam Food Festival has started again so get your tummy filled up with the best of the best food Amsterdam has to offer.

Food for every taste will be served so get ready for the best charcuterie, Turkish specialities, sate, everything delicious on a stick, decent Surinam, French sausages, the best vegan dishes and everything else you can dream off! This is also the perfect spot to introduce your little one to the different flavours of the world.

The festival is open all weekend and the day program is for free, the evening program has a charge of 5 Euro. Check out the website as various pop up restaurants and workshops are available as well. & De Rai Amsterdam

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Marjolein Lokker

Marjolein Lokker

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