5 tips by John Legend to nurture your pregnant lady

Daddy to be John Legend knows how to take care of his wonderful pregnant lady Chrissy Teigen. This guy is such a romanticist and we like stealing his tricks here and there to surprise our own ladies….and how much fun is when your lovely girl tells you how original and thoughtful you are again…..

Let´s go here the latest John tricks to pamper the pregnant lady!

Sugar overload it is! Order as much of her favourite pastries as possible and indulge together (even if you don´t like those damn pastries) because the last thing on earth you want for her is to feel guilty over the sugar pleasures….so zip it and eat on!

Yes rub it baby! Rub her belly and legs every night and tell her how happy you are with your future daddy role! Oh and post here and there a stylish ´bump´ photo of her as well on Instagram, trust us it will make her feel on top of her game….

Cook, cook and cook for her to ease the cravings and every woman likes to have a private super chef in the house making here the tastiest Jalapeno chippies topped with tuna casserole….This task is not bad at all as you get to ease your hangover as well with these delicious chippies….

Walk her dog a little bit more because pregnant ladies need to rest more often and she will love it when you take some duties away from her….combine it with some outdoor training and you enjoy the best of both worlds….

Hang out with her more often en browse together the www for some nursery room inspiration….she likes you to be involved….

John is the man for sure! Not sure if you should try singing his songs for your lady as well….maybe ask your mates about an honest opinion regarding your vocals first….

Photo credits: Chrissy Teigen Instagram

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