Support the ocean together with Davidoff Cool Water and National Geographic Society

Davidoff Cool Water is one of the classic fragrances that should be in every gentleman’s bathroom. For sure you had a bottle in your younger years, right? Time to get back that young you and ride the waves.

Davidoff embraces the power of the ocean by working on protecting it for the last couple of years in collaboration with National Geographic. If you purchase a bottle today you can help to protect the beautiful ocean as well.

Davidoff Cool Water once again joins forces with the National Geographic Society to support its Pristine Seas Mission. For each bottle of Davidoff Cool Water purchased, you help protect 10.000m2 of precious blue waters. Those beautiful waters where you probably like to dive during your holidays! National Geographic launched the Pristine Seas project to find, survey, and help protect the last wild places in the ocean.

Join Scott Eastwood, the fresh face of the campaign, and thousand more voices and help protecting the ocean.
Starting price: € 29,95

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