Retinol 8 is your skin booster by Verso Skincare

Is your skin in need of a boost? Retinol, which is a vitamin A complex, is your partner in crime. This skin booster helps to activate the skin to stimulate its natural production of collagen, reversing the signs of aging and minimizing the appearance of pores and discoloration.

There are various retinol products on the market but one of our favorite lines is the ‘Retinol 8’ from Swedish skincare brand Verso. Retinol 8 claims to be 8 times more potent than typical Vitamin A. Verso doesn’t promise miracles overnight but if you use it regularly for a couple of months you will notice the difference. The range consist of 7 different products all with the unique concentration of Retinol 8 combined with specific ingredients to target different needs.

A little science behind the product cause us men like to know how things work…

The cream base of Verso is formulated with skin-compatible liquid crystals that mimic the skin surface lipid composition and has the property to physiologically integrate into the skin lipid barrier. Using this technology Verso will maintain the skin barrier integrity, prevent skin evaporation and accumulate water in the skin making the skin soft, beautiful and healthy. Retinol 8 complex contains vital ingredients in different combinations that will help the skin to restore its youthful look and feel.

Be good to your skin and give it a retinol boost! Try Verso's gift box to have your first experience with Retinol 8.

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Price: € 170

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