Give your character story with D.S. & Durga’s scents

Meet D.S. & Durga, a Brooklyn based perfume house, who makes perfume and cologne in small batches using premium-sourced raw materials. The fact that the batches are small means that your scent will be quite exclusive.

All scents are created exclusively in-house with inspiration drawn from outdated herbal wisdom, native ritual medicine and historical movements. The scents are the stories of prospectors, gentry, trailblazers, frontier women, drawing rooms, half remembered legends and a lot more inspiring subjects.
D.S. (David Seth Moltz) creates the formulas. He grew up immersed in the idyllic scents of a quaint New England town – ocean and forest. Since winning his first bottle of cologne at an island summer camp raffle, he has developed a lifelong fascination with fragrance. He moved to NYC in 2002 with an old band.
Durga (Kavi Moltz) creates the designs. She was born in the shadows of New York, but traveled the world throughout her childhood. She studied architecture in Los Angeles and design in Holland. She then returned to New York to design buildings – and met D.S. outside of one.

Together they soon began tincturing flowers, herbs, and spices to make aftershaves for friends. Today we can all enjoy their surprising scents. Go for something special and choose the story to fits your personality!

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