Foreo launches Luna Cleansing System to accomplish the smoothest shave

Still searching for the ultimate tool to achieve your smoothest shave? Often you might be plagued by razor bumps and irritated skin and Foreo´s LUNA Cleansing System could be your ultimate solution.

This little gadget is crafted from non-porous, non-abrasive silicone and it is powered by T-Sonic pulsations that smooth your skin and remove dirt and oil to prep it for the smoothest shave.

You only need to work the Luna for 2 minutes as it invigorates skin and even smooths out fine lines and wrinkles. The size makes this tool a perfect travel match and it´s easy to clean and you never need to replace the brush head.

As a bonus you can also opt for the lower frequency Anti-Aging Mode so you can be and stay the best version of yourself.


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