Carlsberg Beer’d Beauty Movember special for the cool bros out there

Looking for real manly beauty products? Men who love beer might just find Beer’d Beauty series by Carlsberg probably the most awesome grooming products in the world!

Carlsberg came out with a trio of products consisting of a shaving gel, aftershave cream and a moustache cream. Each bottle contains 0,2liter of freeze-dried Carlsberg’s famous beer! Who knows maybe it does wonders for your mood after a heavy daddy duty night as well ?.

The products are full with antioxidants and antibacterial acids from Carlsberg’s premium hops helping you to grow and groom great dandy beards and mos. Last but not least the products support all the bros out there as full proceeds go to the Movember foundation!

Order your set today. Support Movember. Shave responsibly.

Carlsberg Beer’d Beauty set € 61,15

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